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HYPERVSN Unveils First Phase of Interactive 3D Holographic Technology and Launches HYPERVSN 3D Studio at CES 2019 HYPERVSN unveals: De technologie van HYPERVSN heeft een vast publiek bij evenementen en vaste installaties over de hele wereld, waaronder E3, M & M World Store en Nike on Air productlancering in Seoul. De twee nieuwe productaanbiedingen van HYPERVSN zijn de Solo L-unit…

Hypervsn showcases

HYPERVSN Showcases Interactive 3D Holographic Technology at ISE HYPERVSN showcases, the world’s first fully Integrated 3D Holographic Display System, will be exhibiting its technology at this year’s Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam from 5-8th February 2019, including demonstrations of new interactive capabilities. Bron: APNews Taal: Engelstalig Link: Gerelateerde bijdragen

Hypervsn’s cool 3D

Hypervsn's cool 3D holographic images are perfect for showing off at CES 2019 While aimed mostly at retail stores looking for a cool display, you could get this fancy gadget for yourself if you want holographic images in your home. The Hypervsn uses spinning blades to create moving 3D images that look convincingly futuristic. It's on display at CES 2019 and…