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CES beurs 2019 bron CES

Hypervsn’s cool 3D

Hypervsn’s cool 3D holographic images are perfect for showing off at CES 2019

While aimed mostly at retail stores looking for a cool display, you could get this fancy gadget for yourself if you want holographic images in your home. The Hypervsn uses spinning blades to create moving 3D images that look convincingly futuristic.

It’s on display at CES 2019 and the images are colorful and lifelike. I saw the version with a 56-centimeter display. The company’s also launching a 75cm version at CES if you need something bigger.


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Wim Mussche is zaakvoerder/eigenaar van Notion technologies. Opgericht in 2002. Opsporen en introduceren van technologie voor marketing. 3D holografische projectie, ultrasonic directional speakers, AI marketing en Foto-en video marketing. Vaste installaties, evenementen en POC.